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Weller Solder Station with WMP 65W Soldering Iron Zoom

Weller Solder Station with WMP 65W Soldering Iron

  • HMC# WD1001
  • MFR# WD1001
$363.00 Online Price


  • 65-watt micro soldering iron has a short tip-to-grip distance to put you closer to your work
Features three front panel "radio buttons" and two "up/down" scroll keys that allow you to perform quick, simple programming or pre-set frequently used temperature settings. Its extensive menu allows you to access special functions including temperature offset, °F/°C conversion, time and temperature setback, and temperature standby. 

The WD1001 65W micro soldering iron has its heating element built into its handle rather than in the tip, so you don't throw away a good heater every time you wear out a tip. The iron's short tip-to-grip distance gives you excellent control and puts you closer to the work. Super-fast heat-up saves you time. Superior thermal recovery allows fast, efficient soldering. Tips are secured to the iron by use of a threaded end, which eliminates the need for a barrel nut.

Station has a temperature range of 150-850°F ±9°F, operates on 120VAC, is ESD-safe to protect sensitive components, and meets or exceeds all applicable MIL-STD and commercial soldering iron specifications (MIL-STD-2000, IPC-610, J-STD, etc.). Comes with power unit, detachable 65W soldering iron with NT1 (.010" micro) tip, 4-position tilt stand for iron, tip-cleaning sponge, power on/off switch, and 3-wire power cord.

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