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Hardman Double Bubble Epoxy, Red/White Packet, Extra-Fast Setting Adhesive (100pkg/box) Zoom

Hardman Double Bubble Epoxy, Red/White Packet, Extra-Fast Setting Adhesive (100pkg/box)

  • HMC# 04001
  • MFR# 04001
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A specially designed, job-size package makes these two-part structural adhesives the most convenient and economical to use. The handy, dual-pouch package is pre-measured to do its job one time only, reducing the waste typically associated with the use of larger quantities of two-component reactive adhesives. The variety of formulations that are available in Double-Bubble® packages gives maintenance and production personnel the ability to select the best, most suitable adhesive for fast, on-the-spot repairs.

Five formulas to choose from. Extra-fast setting epoxy 04001 hardens in just 3 minutes and is ideal for quick repairs. High peel strength epoxy 04007 is a flexible, tough and durable, vibration-resistant adhesive with high peel and shear strengths. High shear strength urethane 04023 combines very high lap shear strength with good peel strength, and is recommended for repair of rubber components and flexible electrical connections. General purpose urethane 04024 maintains excellent resistance to tearing, abrasion, wear, and scratching, even for low-temperature, sub-zero applications. Non-sagging silicone 04030 is a versatile, one-part adhesive/sealant that cures at room temperature to a tough, rubbery solid with excellent temperature, moisture, vibration, and ozone resistance. Sold by the box, each containing 100 Double-Bubble® packages of adhesive and a sufficient quantity of mixing sticks.

Hand Cleanser
Tough-job hand cleanser 04040 comes in a dispensable "one-wash" portion package. Removes resins, adhesives, epoxies, inks, putty, dirt, grease and grime. Soothing lanolin formula contains no harsh solvents or abrasives. Floating "beadlets" help scrubbing action. Special 100 package "gravity-feed" dispenser carton stands up or hangs for easy access to single packages.