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Antex Soldering Tip, Spade, 3/64", Gold Plated Zoom

Antex Soldering Tip, Spade, 3/64", Gold Plated

  • HMC# 6G
  • MFR# 6G
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Ideal for all electronic assembly work. Tip slides on directly over heating element for efficient use of power - both heat up time and recovery time are exceptionally fast. It takes only 45 seconds to be ready to solder, while most other irons require 2-3 min. heat-up time. The iron's construction also assures quick recovery time after soldering each joint, thereby making this an excellent iron for production line speeds. With the three-prong plug, the tip is directly grounded, making this iron safe for most delicate circuitry. There are no threads that bind or set screws that freeze. To replace or change tips, simply remove the old one and slide on a new tip. The non-charring, thermo setting plastic handle will not melt, even if touched by another hot iron. Iron is 6-1/2" long and weighs just 3/4 oz. Tip is not included.