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Simco has been solving electrostatic charge control problems for more than 70 years. You've come to expect the best in ionization products from Simco, the world's largest manufacturer of ionization equipment. Simco's comprehensive product line incorporates years of research, engineering and field experience to deliver effective solutions for semiconductor, electronics assembly, cleanroom and tool applications. You can be sure of receiving maximum performance and reliability.

Simco capabilities are unique. Our multinational experience and capabilities allow us to deliver either AC or DC corona technology and provide the ability to recommend the product technology best suited to your application needs. Simco is a resource with the ability to deliver a comprehensive understanding of electrostatics to your door, anywhere in the world. And we provide effective ionization solutions

Simco Products

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Simco Product

Aerostat® XC™ Extended Coverage Ionizer

  • HMC# 4002612
  • MFR# 4002612
$611.00 Online Price
Simco Product

Ionizer Aerostat® PC™

  • HMC# 4003367
  • MFR# 4003367
$465.30 Online Price
Simco Product

AeroStat® Guardian™ Overhead Ionizer with Task Lights, 3-Fan

  • HMC# 4004063
  • MFR# 4004063
$883.60 Online Price
Simco Product

Top Gun™ Ionizing Air Gun

  • HMC# 4005105
  • MFR# 4005105
$747.30 Online Price
Simco Product

Top Gun™ Sidekick Ionizing Air Gun

  • HMC# 4006992
  • MFR# 4006992
$827.20 Online Price
Simco Product

Aerostat® Guardian™ Cleanroom Overhead Ionizing Air Blower, 3-Fan

  • HMC# 4008630
  • MFR# CR2000
$935.30 Online Price
Simco Product

orION™ Sidekick Ionizing Air Gun

  • HMC# 4009245
  • MFR# 4009245
$827.20 Online Price
Simco Product

Aerostat® FPD Overhead Ionizer, 2-Fan Overhead Ionizer

  • HMC# 4011005
  • MFR# 4011005
$733.20 Online Price
Simco Product

Aerostat® FPD Overhead Ionizer, 3-Fan Overhead Ionizer

  • HMC# 4011007
  • MFR# 4011007
$836.60 Online Price
Simco Product

Aerostat® FPD Overhead Ionizer, 4-Fan

  • HMC# 4011009
  • MFR# 4011009
$996.40 Online Price
Simco Product

minION2™ Bench Top Ionizer

  • HMC# 4011425
  • MFR# 4011425
$422.06 Online Price
Simco Product

Endstat 2020 Bench Top Ionizer

  • HMC# 4012304
  • MFR# 4012304
$399.50 Online Price
Simco Product

Systems Air Force Ionizing Air Gun

  • HMC# 6115
  • MFR# 92-6115-US
$752.00 Online Price
Simco Product

FMX-004 Electrostatic Field Meter

  • HMC# 91-FMX-004
  • MFR# 91-FMX-004
$587.50 Online Price
Simco Product

Point of Use Ionizer Blower

  • HMC# 92-6422E-AC-US
  • MFR# 92-6422E-AC-US
$408.90 Online Price
Simco Product

Point Of Use Ionizer with Blower and Stand

  • HMC# 92-6432E-US
  • MFR# 92-6432E-US
$356.26 Online Price
Simco Product

Chapman Simco Ionizer VSE 3000 Volume Static Eliminator

  • HMC# VSE3000
  • MFR# VSE3000
$648.60 Online Price